Swarm is developing a decentralized network of robots to work together to accomplish tasks and gather resources to self-replicate.

Purple Flower
Purple Flower
Purple Flower


The Swarm team is building custom, small-scale robots to complete tasks. The robots will explore and gather information to relay to the rest of the swarm to make intelligent, collective decisions. We will eventually build the swarm bots out of fully recyclable materials to enable them to gather resources they will use to self-replicate.


By the end of the spring 2024 semester, Swarm will have multiple small robots that navigate autonomously and gather golf-ball-sized resources. The robots will carry these balls to strategic locations in order to complete tasks. Next semester, we will enhance the swarm communication ability of the robots and begin to manufacture them out of commonly available materials with a custom-built production line to enable partial self-replication.

Relevant Skills

Experience in: Software engineering (C++/Python), comfortability working in the terminal, mechanical and computer-assisted design (real projects, Solidworks, or other), 3D printing, and electrical engineering and circuit design (you are not expected to have all of these). An ability to learn quickly and work creatively on your own and in a team. Dedication to the project and to learning new skills.