WashU Robotics is flying to Mars with Project Rover!

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We are participating in the University Rover Challenge competition in 2024-2025 academic year. Currently, Rover is designing and building a custom robot that can climb stairs and perform tasks with a robotic arm around campus, controlled remotely from our workshop. Rover features a wifi system with a 30-mile range, a Nvidia Jetson Nano Orin to control the Rover, and a strong aluminum chassis with custom 3D Printed TPU Wheels.


To prepare for the University Rover Challenge, we are working to develop our chassis, a body and suspension system made with aluminum and 3D printed parts. We are building a five degree of freedom robotic arm driven by a linear actuator. The rover is powered by a strong onboard computer and able to communicate over distances up to 30 miles through a 2.4GHz Wifi Long Distance Lan. Concurrently, we are designing and building a custom drone to send waypoints to the Rover.

Relevant Skills

Rover Team members can work on mechanical, electrical, and computer science parts of the project. Some members design the chassis, arm, and suspension with computer-aided design and build using 3D printing, laser cutting, and the machine shop. Other members design controls, long distance wifi, and power management systems on our electronics subteam. Code subteam members use Robotic Operating System (ROS) to control the Rover autonomously and through teleoperations.