The MATE ROV competition team dives into the sea with underwater robots!

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MATE ROV embraces the UN’s mission of “10 Challenges - 10 Years - One Ocean” and completes specific underwater tasks like 3D coral modeling and data collection that focuses on ocean-based solutions that reimagines the future of ocean health, marine habitats, and biodiversity.


This semester, we are working to fully assemble the robot, the float, and pool props and start testing their capabilities in pools. We are creating a custom printed circuit board (PCB) to run the main robot from inside a waterproof container. The software team is utilizing Robotics Operating System 2 (ROS2) for image recognition and other autonomous tasks the robot will need to accomplish. Our surface electronics team is finalizing communications with the robot through a neutrally buoyant and waterproof tether.

Relevant Skills

Electrical Engineering (PCB Design experience>>>),  Software Engineering (particularly ROS experience), Manufacturing Design, Computer-Aided Design, Mechanical Engineering, Passion or curiosity for the underwater world! (swimming skills a plus :) )